Our Brewing Process

Brew System

Brew System

Built out of the finest (read: largest) stockpots we could find, ordered from Amazon and imported over the border by US, we retrofitted these two vessels with spigots to optimize the efficiency of both our hot liquor tank and brew kettle. Our mash tun however is nothing to scoff at; we opted for a top-of-the-line Blichmann beast that works wonders and makes our mash-ins a dream and our sparging almost a set-it-and-forget-it type of deal. We <3 this mash tun. Our brewhouse is located in the cozy kitchen of Union, where, when the kitchen isn't in use (Sunday's after brunch) we slave away.


The best part: we sit back and let our little yeasty friends do all the real work. Munching on them sugars, making us some booze, these lil guys sure work hard. As such, we figured we'd keep 'em happy by offering them some pretty sweet digs: a temperature-controlled, stainless steel fermentor followed by a lil trip into the brite. The temp-control (designed and outfitted by The Jman) allows us to ferment each beer at its optimal temperature, resulting in a cleaner profile and a more consistent product. It also means that we're able to clarify our beers for kegging without needing to fine or filter!

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